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Unique Approach
     We've spent years searching the
internet, downloading free demos,
buying software, purchasing &
learning numerous Website Design

     Nothing we've tried has ever come
close to the 90 Second Website
     What makes these tools so easy
to use and cost effective?  They don't
include complex databases or
eCommerce functions; which are not
used for most small business sites
Our concept is simple & effective

Buy your software here
Start your website

If you decide it's more than you want
to tackle....
Call to have us finish it!
Ultimate Solution
     We share with you what website
design tools we use for our designs.

.  We even provide you a rebate when
you purchase the software.
Whether you have Jim Tech design your site, or design it all by yourself;
the tools, approach and support systems are the same.
and best of all
You're not in it alone
Personal Coach
     We are available to help your
small business in whatever phase of
website effort you might be in: Initial
planning, mid way or completed, but
needing an outside perspective.

     We can be your personal coach,
helping to steer you through the maze
of your company's online presence;
website, social media, SEO and
Jim Tech
Web Design & Computer Consulting
Buy Software here

     Use this software to design
your own website.  If you later
decide it's more than you want
to tackle....
   Call Us and we can finish it!


Let us design the site and set
it up so you can maintain it!
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