Looking at the infinite beauty of life on Earth in all its complexity, to the vast expanse of space with all
it's many galaxies; is just too complicated and organized a design to happen by a random explosion.
Whirlpool Galaxy
20 Million light years away
Laminin molecule
Actual Photo
Saw the most amazing video the other day at our men's group. Among the discussion of just how big
the Universe is, the photos below stood out as something that should erase any doubt about the
existence of God. With the universal symbol of Christianity being the cross, I found it amazing these
two seemingly unrelated topics were connected by something so powerful.
Two Seemingly unrelated topics
Laminin - A protein molecule that holds the cells of our DNA and entire body together
Black Hole -in the center of the Whirlpool Galaxy
Ever had one of those moments when you catch yourself wondering if God is real?   see below!
Signs of Gods presence are all around us.  There's no doubt he has has worked in my life,
although it has taken me decades to realize it in some cases.  Ask anyone who knew me back in
the day..."how am I still here?"
Actual Photo
Hubbel telescope
Ultimately it all comes down to believing.  These findings are not clear proof of GOD, just amazing reminders.
He's provided us proof in the Bible, and discretely leaves us many clues in our daily lives,
along with many subtle things from Laminin to Black Holes!
God signed his amazing work !!
.. in him
all things hold together"
Colossians 1:17 "