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#Web Designer ($$ hundreds)
Performs the work involved in "Designing" the part of a website that a visitor or customer sees and interacts with, providing visitors a friendly interface. 
     Appearance, usability, how consistent the pages flow, ease of use, and being able to find the desired information are key things a web designer considers.  Being found and ranked well by search engines are also important for a Web Designer.  Knowledge of programming languages is not necessary with today's advanced tools.

Web Developer ($$ thousands)
Is more focused on the hows of getting all the above done, plus the abilities to integrate large eCommerce systems, database management and integration via programming languages.
      Providing a website visitor a friendly interface to utilize the extra features, and the abilities to work with various programming also a must.  A web developer builds entire websites, but with the more advanced training and experience comes a higher end cost to the customer.

      A typical website for small businesses that utilizes no databases or large eCommerce features, can be successfully designed by either.  Adding features like CMS, eCommerce, Datasets, or Inventories would require a Web Developer's skillsets.
Web Design Services

     We offer cost effective Web Sites
for small businesses.
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