When You & I have the same Web Design Program..     Learn More....

Both of us work on the same project

We don't have to start all over again or duplicate what the other has done.

           More Cost Effective

We can Create the Design and
let you maintain it

You can start the Design and
let us finish it

We do everything or you do everything

Whether you do it alone or with our help, using our tools is the ultimate cost effective solution for your website

Initial Site Design begins at $50, with Hosting packages as low as $129/Yr

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Our Unique Strategy

     Jim Tech believes any small
business should have an effective
website, without having to spend
thousands of dollars. 
     We've developed a unique
approach to enable you to do that at a
very minimal cost.  We:
• Empower you to design, build and
maintain your website
• Offer affordable, easy to use Web
Design tools. (same as we use)
• Offer a rebate on your purchase
• Encourage you to give it a try
• Take over if it's not your cup of tea

What kind of expertise does       Jim Tech offer?      Learn More....

     We provide Turnkey Website Design Services; designing the site including all maintaince & updates.  We register your domain & provide all hosting functions.

     We use our experience in website design, social media, marketing, SEO and business to put together a website package custom tailored to your overall business requirements.

     While the tool makes quick work of dragging & dropping website content and components; there is still a lot of detail work in the background of a good website.

     You might not have the time to create an entire new site, but would like to maintain it after it's up & running.

    What we do

     Web Design

Web Designers      Learn More....

Web Site Strategy, Planning , E-Commerce and SEO.

Social Media Integration and Consultation

Mobile Sites

Responsive & Static Web Page Design

Domain Registration

Domain Hosting & Magagement

Turnkey Webhosting Packages

Email accounts & management

Reliable 99.9% Uptime Servers w Multi Layer Backups

Our consulting services are available regardless of where your website is

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Ever wanted to design your own website but
didn't know
Dreamweaver, WordPress
or HTML?
How do you build a website that you can use with any hosting company?
Tired of manually rebuilding your site each time you switch providers?
How do you backup your site deisgn when your host has no method to do so?
Solution for
all the above:
Use our tools !
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